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Sculpting a Dragon from Game of Thrones

March 21, 20191 Comment

Game of Thrones has its last season coming out soon and I wanted to celebrate it with a tribute to the show. So, I flew in a sculptor (Andrew Keith) to do a demo of one of the dragons. This is just a quick music video for the sculpture, but you can view the demo that Andrew narrated for the sculpture.

Check out Andrew Keith’s website and follow him on Instagram.

If you’re also interested in sculpting make sure to check out the new Masterpiece Sculpting Demo by Zoe Dufour. She walks you through her entire process for sculpting and making a cast from scratch.

Andrew Keith's Game of Thrones dragon sculpture

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  1. SERIOUSLY! I do a lot of sculpting myself, and this is absolutely insane skill, from every detail in the surface texture, to the form of the horns and spines, to the structure of the jaw and teeth. Comes together beautifully. (And, your video gave me some chuckles too…)

    Wondering what kind of material this is, since I could see the heat gun softening the clay, so it’s not a typical earth based clay.


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