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Painting Flesh Tones – Tiling Method

February 8, 20182 Comments

Aaron Westerberg is a renowned painter, who has a special talent and appreciation for color. In this preview of his new Masterpiece Demo, he shows you how he mixes flesh tones and uses the tiling method to paint the face. Flesh tones are usually misunderstood as a specific range of peaches and browns. But it’s unique to every painting depending on the environment and light. Greens and purples are skin tones too!

This is just a small sample of his 10 hour demo. Be a fly on the wall in his studio and watch the whole process, from photoshoot, color study, preparing the panel to final painting.

How to Study Color – Sketch Tour with Aaron Westerberg
Creating and Selling Art – Aaron Westerberg Interview

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  1. Dave Goodman says:

    Rad! I’m still in the “use a lot of color” process, so I can learn to see skin tones better. High five.

  2. Maria Hopp says:

    This is a great video, so much insight on color. Love how you recommend growth by challenging yourself and trying to do more than you think you can.

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