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Our First LIVE Q&A – Draftsmen S2E30

November 10, 20200 Comments

For Lightbox 2020 this year Stan and Marshall streamed their first live Q&A episode! Rather than release the full version that had awkward pauses and tech issues it’s been edited down and remastered. Now you’ll get a clean experience as they answer a variety of personal and art related questions. Some of what you’ll hear are answers to how the podcast got started, brainstorming techniques for artists, perspective vs form, bad habits for digital drawing, and the story behind our thumbnails.

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Call and Ask Your Art Questions: 1-858-609-9453

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Skelly pick-up lines
Skelly drinking

Referenced Images:

William Stout

william stout dinosaur illustration

Marshall’s old student Cory Trego-Erdner

cory trego erdner artwork

James Gurney

james gurney dinosaur city illustration

Terryl Whitlatch

terryl whitlatch star wars artwork

NC Wyeth

N C Wyeth pond painting

Howard Pyle

howard pyle- painting

Nathan Fowkes

nathan fowkes blue bird illustration

Wish Dragon

wish dragon artwork

Chris Appelhans

chris appelhans artwork

Lighting Guide chart from

lighting guide

Bobby Chiu

bobby chiu tiger

George Pratt

pratt george artwork

Vance Kovacs

vance kovacs batman vs superman illustration

Marshall’s water colors

marshall water color comps

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