Quicksketch Drawing Demo with Stephen Bauman (LIVESTREAM)

Stephen Bauman will demonstrate a portrait drawing from photo reference. Draw along and post your drawing in the assignment tab under the video. Stephen and some Proko approved critiquers will be replying to your submissions with comments.

The submission deadline for this lesson has passed. To study with Stephen check out Stephen's Courses.


Q: What paper do you use in your drawing tutorials?

A: Mostly Stonehenge, made by a company called Legion. The version that I use is 120 lb. Try this link if you are in the USA. And this link if you are in Europe.

Q: What pencils do you use?

A: My go to for mechanical pencils is the Pentel 120 A3DX and I use all four sizes- .3mm, .5mm, .7mm, and .9mm. For wood pencils I prefer two brands/models, the Tombow homo-graph and the Mitsubishi Hi-uni. The leads in these range from 4H-4B. For .9mm white chalk I also use the pentel 120 A3DX with Bohin ceramic chalk refills.

Q: How do you decide which pencil to use, when and where?

A: The various hardnesses of graphite pencils indicate how dark or light a value that pencil will produce. A harder lead (4H) will produce a light value whereas a softer lead (4B) will produce a darker value. Mechanical pencils have different sizes, .3mm - .9mm. When choosing which size to use I take nostly into consideration what size is the shape that I am drawing. Also, I will consider what the grain of the paper is. A smaller diameter of lead will be required to "fill the holes," of a very fine toothed paper.

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