Proko Skull Challenge Results

CHALLENGE: Spooky season is upon us, bringing us tricks, treats, and a new Proko Challenge! For October we want to see what you can create using our skull as inspiration. Whether you’re crafting a cute pumpkin spice-loving Skelly, or a bone-chilling skull creature, we want to see it! Entries will be judged based on creativity, design, anatomy, and how well they capture the Halloween spirit. Check out the downloads tab for Proko skull reference photos.

Prizes provided by Proko.


Winners will be contacted via the email on their account.

1st Place

Manuel Piedra - @manuelpiedra

Proko Skull

2nd Place

Tomek Kowalczuk - @ktomas

Prize: Proko Skull

3rd Place

Eduardo Vela - @noctis13vela

Prize: Proko Skull

Community Choice

nathanandersonart - @nathanandersonart

Prize: Proko Skull

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order)

Álvaro Muñoz - @alvarock

Cody Kamrowski - @kamc14000

Sam - @samw

Magnus Marshall - @magnusmerlin

Cyril Cory - @coryolis

Thumbnail art by Eduardo Vela

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