May Proko Challenge - Storytelling with Moderndayjames

Lesson by
Stan Prokopenko

Show off your storytelling skills! 


Visual mediums provide tons of opportunities to tell rich, dynamic stories. This month, Moderndayjames is here to bring the Proko community a challenge that will encourage you to tap into your storytelling prowess as you see fit! Take either a pre-existing story to reimagine, or a new one of your own creation, write up a brief summary for your own use and then create a small comic, storyboard, or animation. James will judge entries based on clarity of story, anatomy, stylization, use of composition and cinematic language. Entries will also be judged more on their ability to convey the plot rather than sheer aesthetics. 

Medium: Any medium, traditional and digital, 2D and 3D is allowed.

Sponsored by Wacom, Sentient Academy,  Vision X Live Conference,  Canvy and Proko.

Reimagining of scenes from Frank Herbert's Dune by Moderndayjames.

This challenge is closed for new submissions. 

Congrats to all the winners!

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Winners will be contacted via the email on their account.

Moderndayjames will pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on clarity of story, anatomy, stylization, use of composition and cinematic language.

1st Place

Wacom One Creative Pen Display
1 year access to Sentient Academy
Vision X Replay Pass
1 year Canvy subscription
Proko Figure, Portrait, and Anatomy courses

2nd Place

Wacom Intuos Small Bluetooth
Vision X Replay Pass
2 Proko courses of your choice

3rd Place

One by Wacom Pen Tablet
Vision X Replay Pass
1 Proko course of your choice

Community Choice

$250 Proko Gift Card - YOU get to choose a winner by upvoting your favorite submissions!

Proko Team Choice

$250 Proko Gift Card - The Proko team will vote on their favorite.

Skelly's Choice

Proko Skull - Skelly will choose his favorite.

Proko Impromptu Awards

10 impromptu winners will receive:

1 Proko Course of your choice

Wacom Random Winner

To give students a higher chance of winning, Wacom is awarding a random participant a Wacom Intuos small tablet.

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Free shipping of Wacom prizes to US, Canada, Latin America (except Venezuela), EU, UK, Japan, and Australia. Participants in all other countries would pay shipping costs to claim a tablet.

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