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How to Study Bridgman – Student Anatomy Critique

April 5, 20172 Comments
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The most common mistake when drawing after Bridgman (I was guilty of this one), is copying his marks. Instead, look at what he’s trying to show you. His drawings are exaggerations of the form analogies he’s trying to communicate to his students. Bridgman is all about 3D form. He simplifies form better than anyone else. He shows us how the forms lock together and flow through the body. Even though he’s so heavy on structure, his drawings are super dynamic. Once you learn how to study Bridgman, his teaching becomes priceless.

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    1. Mike haisell says:

      That’s very good because it’s hard to know where to go with Bridgeman. Is there an extended video or is there any more info to follow on studying Bridgeman?
      I think I may be on to something good here with Proko! I have studied many teachers of the figure including many sculptures on my own.

      • Sean Ramsey says:

        This video was part of the Arm Muscles critique video. I don’t think there was an extended video on just Bridgman, just on the Arm Critiques.

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