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How to Draw a Self Portrait (SEXY BOI STYLE)

April 19, 20193 Comments

Here’s Part 2 of my podcast cover art video! In this one I draw my self portrait in the same style I drew my co-host, Marshall Vandruff. Most of it covers the technical aspects of drawing a linear portrait, cross hatching, and what I choose to exaggerate about myself.

Be sure to subscribe to my channel, but also look for the Draftsmen show on whatever platform you use to listen to podcasts. Draftsmen will be out soon and you should listen to it whether you’re a student or pro. Marshall and I will talk about everything art. There will be laughing. There will be yelling. There might be crying…

Listen to the Draftsmen Podcast.

See the Marshall portrait

Stan self portrait

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  1. Sam Brisley says:

    Stan, I think it’s the hair that makes you look like a GQ version of yourself. You’ve got quite a distinctive hairstyle, and the shorter, choppier quiff you’ve got in the drawing makes you look like a bit David Beckhham

  2. Antonio Agustin Casado Gallego says:

    me encanta ese estilo de dibujo

  3. Antonio Agustin Casado Gallego says:

    I love that style of drawing

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