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Creating and Selling Art – Aaron Westerberg Interview

January 11, 20183 Comments

Aaron Westerberg talks about making money selling art in galleries, how to effectively use social media to sell your art and how he approaches creating his work.

Aaron Westerberg Masterpiece Demo
How to Study Color – Sketch Tour with Aaron Westerberg


01:01 Who did you study with?
02:41 How did you study art? Alla Prima book.
04:29 Tips for selling art online
05:37 What should you post to your social media profiles?
06:26 Aaron’s breakout success story on using social media
08:48 How many paintings did you sell in your first social media art sale?
09:30 The importance of selling directly to customers
10:07 Selling your work in a gallery
11:36 More social media advice
12:08 Painting process
15:22 Work from photos or a live model?
16:35 What do you experiment with in each color study? Composition, color, or the pose?
17:23 Where do you get your models?
18:30 Self Portraits
20:35 What’s your story behind the painting ‘Intent’?
22:24 Emotion in painting
23:25 Do you ever feel like you’re repeating yourself?
26:49 Looking at artwork at museums and galleries
29:39 What can people expect from you in the future?
30:34 Where to find Aaron Westerberg


Here is a sampling of Aaron Westerberg’s art.

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  1. Teresa Elliott says:

    Great interview and loved your candid explanations Aaron.

  2. Alex says:

    Great interview – useful tips on sellling, social media and Aaron’s process.

  3. Oliver Wildman says:

    This is fantastic. After becoming cold with contemporary art I found the book Alla Prima and now I have become hooked on realism and the painterly style. I’m trying to use only this together with Proko and bits and bobs such as anatomy and Harold Speed and it’s great to hear that Aaron used mainly Alla Prima. If I get to any kind of similar level then the rest of the video will be invaluable and a great motivation. Thanks!

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