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Learn how to draw realistic light & shadow.

This course will change the way you draw. You'll understand why some of your previous drawings/paintings have turned out looking flat and what to do about it. 

The Shading Course is the very best I have to offer from 10+ years of teach experience, in person and online. I will guide you through 30 exercises that help you develop an intuitive sense of light and realism. 

Understanding light is a superpower – I am excited to see what you'll create with it!  

All lessons and assignment videos have subtitles in 🇪🇸 Spanish and 🇺🇸 English.

What you will learn
1How to Control Tonal Value
Learn how to organize tonal values, how to see values more accurately, and how to deal with the limited tonal range of your medium.
2How to Create Realistic Shading
Learn how light interacts with form to create luminous, clean shading. Develop the technical skills necessary to produce professional artwork.
3How to Show Form
Learn how to think like a sculptor and use 7 methods for maximizing the sense of three-dimensional volume in your drawings.
4Understand Scene Lighting
Learn how to use light probes to analyze the lighting in a scene and create believable shading, even when shading from imagination.
5How to Invent Shading
Learn how to create realistic shading from imagination.
6How to Use Maquettes
Learn how to create digital and physical shading references to bring your imaginative artwork to the next level.
Premium Benefits
Exclusive Content
Only premium students get to watch the majority of instruction contained in this course. Little to no free content is provided.
A variety of exercises to help you practice what you've learned. After you do the assignments, you can post them in the community for feedback and see what other students are posting.
Step by Step Process
Watch step by step video demos from start to finish with educational commentary from the instructor. Most of us are visual learners (we’re artists!), so reading about it or hearing it explained is not enough. We have to see it!
English Captions
All videos included in this course have English closed captions you can turn on or off.
Spanish Captions
All videos included in this course have Spanish closed captions you can turn on or off.
Money Back Guarantee
Contact within 30 days. We usually don't ask questions, but a request is subject to review if over 25% of content was downloaded. This is to protect our instructors from dishonest wardrobing and ensure a happy and thriving community.
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