Portrait Sculpting from Life

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Zoe Dufour is a master sculptor with incredible skill for modeling form. In this Masterpiece Demo you’ll get to visit her studio and watch as she creates a longer sculpture from scratch.

She’ll show you everything you’ll need to get started, including how she makes her own tools. She’ll guide you through the entire process of sculpting a portrait from life, starting with the wire armature, then building up clay to get the large forms, and taking it to a finish with the details.

After the clay sculpt is finished you’ll see how she makes a throwaway plaster mold and a cast with a base. It’s fully narrated, as she explains her thought process, gives tips and warns about common mistakes.

What you will learn

1Making Tools
2Working with Clay
3Building the Armature
4Getting the Large Forms
5Detailed Finish
6Making a Mold
7Cast with a Base
8Quicksketch Sculpture

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