Narrated Checklist - Hillary Clinton
Narrated Checklist - Hillary Clinton
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Narrated Checklist - Hillary Clinton


Narrated Checklist - Hillary Clinton

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Hi, a caricature of Bobby Cannavale. Thanks a lot !
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Jesper Axelsson
Hi @Arnaud BARBIER, nice drawing! I think you did a good job capturing the expression. - The likeness could be improved on, I think. Take a look at your carricature of Michel Vuillermoz. Notice how the shape of the eyes in your drawing is the same as the shape of the eyes in the reference. The same goes for his other features. In your carricature of Bobby Cannavale you don't really have this. The shape of eyes for example, dosen't resemble the shape of the eyes in the photo to me. In the photo I see a curved top and flat bottom lid, and a strong narrowing on the outside. In your drawing the bottom lid is curved down, and the eye doesn't pinch as clearly on the outside. I'm not an experienced caricaturist, so take my advice with a grain of salt, but I think you would benefit from doing this: First draw the person without carricaturing. Try to get the shapes as close to the reference as possible. This will strengthen your eye, and your ability to capture shapes. Then once you have a drawing that looks like the subject, do a carricature on top of it. Use the shapes you've drawn already, and play around with them. Pull and stretch the shapes in different ways that you think represents the persons unique character. @Court Jones, what's your thoughts on this? - I did a paintover where I tried moving around and scaling the features. If you're working digitally you might want to experiment with this too. You could stretch and bend the features too. Hope this helps :) Keep up the good work!
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