Embracing Your Outdoor Studio - Draftsmen S3E24

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Embracing Your Outdoor Studio - Draftsmen S3E24

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Embracing Your Outdoor Studio - Draftsmen S3E24

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Learn plein air painting from Stan! He talks about his plein air experiences, how the outdoors can be a powerful method to help you capture colors, and how it can force you to make important artistic decisions while working under time constraints imposed by nature. You’ll also hear the two discuss the pros and cons of working outdoors versus painting within the studio and some other tips and tricks from Stan that he’s learned over the years that will help you if you want to try plein air painting.

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Books and Resources

(some contain affiliate links)

Soltek Easel 
Strada Easel
Raymar Canvas
Linseed Oil
Walnut Oil
Camera (Black Magic)
Smoke (1995)
The Art of Noticing by Rob Walker
Draw Mix Paint
Stapleton Kearns
Alla Prima by Richard Schmid
Alla Prima 2 by Richard Schmid
Color and Light by James Gurney
James Gurney's YouTube channel
Hopper's Places by Gail Levin
Composition of Outdoor Painting by Edgar Payne
99 Ways to Tell a Story by Matt Madden

Referenced Artists: 

Stan's plein air paintings

N.C. Wyeth

Andrew Wyeth

Kim Jung Gi

Monet's Rouen Cathedral series

Aaron Westerberg rat painting

Edward Hopper

Leonardo Da Vinci

Albrecht Durer

Edgar Payne (composition chart)


Vincent Vann Gogh

Thomas Kinkade

James Abbott McNeil Whistler

Georgia O'Keeffe

John Singer Sargent

Frederick Remington

Charles Marion Russell

Logan Maxwell Hagege

James Gurney

Julian, CA

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