Would love to know what I did wrong
Braydon Piper
This is my first time drawing muscles over a skeleton like this, was a little confusing and I didn’t try to get the muscle fibers perfect obviously, I just want them going in the right direction.
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Braydon Piper
forgot I finished this
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Hi Braydon Good job on getting all those muscles into the skeleton. They are all there and most of them in the right places. I see a few mistakes in where you have attached some of the muscles. For example the trapezius originates on the base of the skull, a bit lower than where you put it. The sternocleidomastoid inserts into the mastoid process of the skull. (You can feel this process behind your ear) a bit lower and to the front of where you put it. Also check your lats and abs, especially in the side view. I wonder what your studying process is. Trying to add muscles onto a skeleton is quite hard, I usually try to copy from a 3D model first (Proko’s are great), then trace some real pictures, then I go back to my copies to see if I need to adjust or change anything, and after all that I try to draw them from imagination. This helps to understand the form of these muscles. I imagine them a bit like worms, or even horns sometimes. I also focus on a few muscles only. Maybe two or three. I also look a lot and draw over the Houdon model. You can find some images of a corrected version by Scott Eaton. One last thing, colour coding helps me a lot. hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions. Dani
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