WIP - perspective scene exercise, working on characters addition
Charline B.R.
I'm having A LOT of trouble drawing lately, not even able to go for a simple sketch session. I'm sorry I share this piece of half baked work. I started this February from last year as an excuse to try perspective. It is probably going to be finished by 2023 by the rate I'm at. Character design is from Lineage 2, not mine ! I'm not looking for particular advises, it's open for critics. Side note : if the people that helped me about the building perspective see this update, many thanks again for your past comments and tips !
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Yiming Wu
I think you did this quite accurately. the head-on/tail-on view of things are typically weird, like that dog, seems tilted, maybe a change of placement could make it better. Notice the feet position for that purple character beside the dog, it also has that tilted look, as if you really put them like that spatially, they will be nearly a meter apart in depth direction. that axis is compressed. But again, it's not very easy to depict this kind of thing in a head-on angle and not look weird. Overall the view height is well managed so I'd say it's a success
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Hey, @Charline B.R.! Sorry to be catching up with your post a bunch of days behind, hope I’m still on time to help. The way I see it, this is turning out to be a nice comp! At first glance, the magical-like environment strikes to me as an inviting idea, and the drawing seems pretty developed at this point, enough to hint that this can become an appealing illustration once it’s finished. So, overall, I’d say great work so far! One technical thing I notice is that the characters’ feet (especially the ones in front) don’t seem to match the same perspective of the ground, so a little adjustment there could make for a noticeable difference already. Look for that simplified box as the main primary form to get the sense of how to firmly place the feet on the ground in perspective. Another thing that caught my eye is that perhaps the architecture might be looking a bit “conceptually unbalanced” for the context: the gate and towers far back, which are a public construction and a military protection device of sorts, seem to have about the same height as the citizen houses, which are often much smaller in this kind of environment. Making the towers and gate taller and more monumental might help not only establish a more believable sense of scale, but also convey a feeling of things being a little more cluttered and crowded, which can make more sense for this type of village (more so than wide open and spaced out anyway). I think that’s all I’ve got right now. I’m sorry you’ve been going through a rough patch lately, but things come in cycles, so eventually you’ll get the drive back. And don’t worry, good work takes time to be done - sometimes, other things get in the way and we need to put projects on hold for a while, it’s just part of the game. Also, I’d definitely say you don’t need to apologize for sharing a work in progress - most of us here are used to seeing unfinished work, so it’s not like we have the pressure to just share pleasing "eye-candy" art here as it’s so common in traditional social media - on the contrary. This community is meant to let us help each other grow, so everyone who needs help with their art is welcome, even if the work is completely rough or amateurish (which isn't your case by any means, of course). Hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any questions. Best of luck!
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Charline B.R.
Hello @Liandro, thank you so much for taking time to give feedback :) I appreciate it ! Actually it's not "too late" because I simply let this one on the side again since I posted it. I'm still burned out and decided to let go off any drawing for a time. I hope this phase vanish soon... The tips about character's foot is really good ! My mistake was building perspective incorrectly around (yes again). I will correct that when I go back to it. Having a grid drawn on the flood like you did is actually very helpful, that's one tips I should use in the future. About the big door in the background, I totally agree it would add a lot to the composition and fantasy mood, sadly it's not matching my goal of ""realistic proportions"" for this piece. This town actually exist in a game, it's a rural town with (kind of) shitty protection. Of course nothing in that game is at scale, that's why I picked the challenge to draw it "correctly". But you are right, protective walls should be much higher, so I will scale the door up a little bit, not as much as your example but enough to make it feel higher than roof. I know I didn't pick the best angle to render the town, another rooquie mistake, long street like that aren't that much interesting... I could choose the "other" side which has a church and a fareway view on the castle. I judged it too long to drawn and now I pay my lack of courage. Again many thanks for your feedback, it's precious ! Have a nice day :)
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