Weird Yoda Concept
Alessandro Dalponte
I decided to create this weird concept of Yoda. I searched for some images of Yoda on google, then I made a list containing his main characteristics, after that I deleted Yoda's images, and finally I painted this weird version of him based on the characteristics I wrote. I uploaded a video on Youtube showing and better explaining the whole process. Any doubts about this concept or comments and feedbacks are welcome!
Bizarre Yoda
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Steve Lenze
Hey Alessandro, This is a cool character design, nice job. The biggest issue is that all your colors are independent of each other. There is going to be orange reflected in the skin where they are close. The opposite is also true. To lighten a color like green, don't just add white, it makes the color look dead and chalky. You should always add some yellow with it to keep the color alive. That goes for all your colors, you have to color shift when darkening and lightening them. You also need to build more contrast by darkening your shadows and not have them be all the same value. I did a quick paint over to show you what I mean. I hope this helps :)
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Alessandro Dalponte
Hey Steve! Thanks for the feedback! I'll use your corrections as a guide to improve and change my paintings. The painting sure looks a lot more vivid and has more depth this way!