unlucky demon -comic, comments welcome!
Laura T
Hi All!  I've been developing a storyline in my head for a couple of years now... It doesn't seem to end, or leave me alone for that matter, so I better start scratching it onto paper! I've had the dream of drawing comics for a while now. I've used many online sources and books trying to gather information about the process and such, as well as about "how to draw" in itself. So here goes. These are the first three pages, done by hand. As I'm learning by doing, the idea is to do from start to finish a couple of pages at a time. This way I get to iterate the whole process several times and take pauses to analyse my way of working and what needs to be learned still. This also probably makes the first and last pages look completely different, but as this is merely for my own learning (and pleasure), that's alright. Things I already know I need to improve:  - more dynamic angles -> more thumbnailing - less messy mid tones - the second panel of the third page annoys me: it's the only panel where something actually happens, so why did I draw it so small?? :) - the penmanship sucks. I've yet to decide, whether to rehearse writing by hand or add the texts digitally later on. All in all, I'm proud I've come this far. I'm not going to redraw these pages right now, but move on. Any comments, critique and observations on what to improve in general (or regarding some particular panel / detail / etc) are very welcome. The photos are of poor quality, sorry about that.
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Jordan Greenough
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Is there a reason you are doing this landscape? Just wondering ;)
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Virginia Small
How nice
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