Unable to load lesson videos
I am in figure drawing fundamentals and am unable to play either completed lessons or future lessons. I don't get the play button icon
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Jesper Axelsson
Hi @punchyengland, hmm... strange... I'll forward this to the team 👍 In the meantime, have you tried searching for solutions to this issue, maybe typing something like "fix vimeo videos won't show play button google chrome". It might be as simple as closing google chrome and restarting your computer. Or maybe clearing the cache on google chrome. It might not be the Proko site that is faulting, but the browser's ability to play Vimeo videos (which I think most of the lesson videos are). Are you able to play this video for example, which is a Youtube video Drawing Demo by Glenn Vilppu. Hope this helps :)
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Good points, @Jesper Axelsson. If possible, @punchyengland, you might also try different browsers and devices. If the issue persists even so, please let us know.
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