Tips for going from traditional to digital :D
Antti Kallinen
So i got some extra income and bought myself a drawing display. Ive tried a tablet couple of times but the hand eye disconnect was too much, especially with learning a new medium. Im gonna keep learning this between my other work, and i also like that i can paint digitally after a hard workday because i can save the picture and not worry about ruining it. Ive now had it for 2 days, and im loving it. Ive started ctrl+paint sites videos for how to use photoshop. This is my first try, just trying everything. I do it like i would traditional so i use my eye, dont trace (not that its wrong, im gonna try tracing for some master copies or something) and try to use brushes that feel oily. I gotta say, digital is not easy, the undo button and layers and other things are great but you have other things to fight. soo.. tips how to learn, tips to make these more organic, and what to avoid.
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Howard Jones
This was really helpful and informational! I'd like to thank you for the efforts you've made in composing this post. Thanks so much!
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Martha Muniz
Hey there! I think it's a solid piece for being your first step into the digital world, so congrats! I highly recommend trying out black and white studies from reference, as this helps learn any new painting medium. The limitation will help you tackle a full image while focusing on mastering the fundamentals you will need, namely value and medium control. Also, a tip for digital is to keep your canvas zoomed out, so you're forced to work looking at the bigger picture for the most part. A common pitfall is to start rendering with your screen really zoomed into the details, but this can create tunnel vision and create a lack of cohesion in the final result. Working in larger strokes, then eventually getting smaller for the final touches will help make it feel more united and organic. Hope this helps!
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