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Mariana Santos
I started a 30 minute routine of gesture drawing exercises. I took some advice from people around here and tried to use it. but I still can't use as few lines as possible, but this was the most I could to be as simple as possible.
IMG 20210610 160142408
IMG 20210610 160137263
IMG 20210610 160130642
IMG 20210610 160126010
IMG 20210610 160119969
IMG 20210610 160114808
IMG 20210610 155848639
IMG 20210610 172142335
IMG 20210610 172136415
IMG 20210610 172131433
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Serena Marenco
Well done Mariana, the improvement is evident, keep up the good work! You will be able to simplify more as you become more familiar with it. If you follow a routine you will see very consistent improvements: if you compare your sketches between one week and the next it will become evident. At this point I would suggest you try a slightly softer pencil, I think it would help with the fluidity of the lines.
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Luigi Manese
Hi @Mariana Santos, when you're referring to the exercise of using as few lines as possible are you referring to the simple mannequin on the left of the image I posted? It looks like you're using a slightly more complex mannequin, which by the way there is nothing wrong with, but I'm wondering if the exercise you're referring to just means using a more basic mannequin? As far as simplicity goes, I think the mannequin that you're using is perfectly fine, and it's good to hear that you're trying to apply line economy to these quick sketches. If I could give a suggestion for doing this exercise: for each image, upload the reference that you're going off of, and then draw from that reference 3-4 times. Each time you do it again, try to keep in mind the mistakes that you made in the previous drawing and try to correct it. If you're unsure how to identify the mistakes, then maybe a good way to start this exercise is to just try to exaggerate the gesture of the pose. Draw the figure 3-4 times, and then each time, try to push the gesture further and further. One thing I had a question about was the proportions of the mannequins that you're drawing. Most of the time, we can look at a person's sketches and identify a pattern where the proportions might be off. However for your drawings, the proportions vary quite a bit. I wanted to ask if you're trying to do very stylized mannequins for each one? If you are, I think it may be easier for yourself (and for people critiquing your work) to try to stick to the standard mannequin proportions for the time being, just so that we can clearly point out patterns. However, if drawing stylized mannequins is what makes this exercise fun for you, then you can disregard the last point for the time being haha. Hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything that I can clear up for you
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Mariana Santos
Hello! I use a website with slides in various poses and I find it easier to create more static positions.  I'm trying to apply what I saw in the Proko videos and try to capture the gesture and not the silhouette.  I have a doubt: I have a greater facility to capture gestures making Stickmans. is there any problem?
IMG 20210610 175425951
IMG 20210610 175420365
IMG 20210610 175409151
IMG 20210610 175404091
IMG 20210610 175353245