Mariana Santos
Mariana Santos
Jing Mei (静美)
Have you practiced all the fundamentals?
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Mariana Santos
@Jing Mei (静美) Yes, or at least I'm trying to apply what I learn about fundamentals to what I do.
Mariana Santos
Hello my fellow artists, how are you? Well... I've already written to this community, always asking for help and advice, because I know that here I will find artists who understand what the artist goes through, I'll try not to write too much, but I really wanted help from you... I've always drawn both on paper and on the PC, and I used to have a dream of becoming a professional illustrator, but... You know when you're doing something and suddenly it doesn't give you as much pleasure as it used to? Unfortunately, anxiety and excessive self-demand for something "perfect" made me reduce the frequency with which I drew. In the past, I would have looked at everything I did with pride, but today nothing I do pleases me, I only like what others do (like what Stan Prokopenko himself does). I want to be like the professionals and teach like them. But I don't even know where I am on this journey (if I'm an amateur, beginner or intermediate) and the worst part is that you don't like your style, your way of doing things... Well... I hope you can help me with this... What do I do? I've looked everywhere for a "solution", but all the answers are just repetition... I'll leave here the few drawings I have on my ArtStation. Thanks
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