Process in making a video game
Dennis Yeary
So i been creating concept art for a video game and have a few questions 1. What are the rules when designing said concepts 2. where and how much does a game programmer cost
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Can talk about programming part, you honestly can do it yourself for Free if you are motivated enought I say that coming from a paid-school if you need a price mine costed ~about 19k eur, I would suggest either C++ or C# I would suggest to start with C# and then like a year and half in jump on C++ for a bit to understand a bit more how memory work, language as those are well.. used by 2 very common industry game engine (Unity for C# and Unreal for C++) for what to use the industry standard is visual studio -> , visual studio community is free and a way too usefull tool to not use. <- for the very basic (C#) this is more of a simple wiki you can most likely find structure course that follow a project to be build on, even if its C# its kind of the same for most language out there only the "wording" of things change a bit but the logic is pretty much the same.
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