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This post was originally buried deep in another section so I am reposting it here for those that might have missed it :-) These quick-sketches were made while watching an old black & white movie for reference. They are all about 3-to-4 minutes each. I was going for overall gestures and major visual masses with little or no details. I did these by pausing the movie playback whenever I saw something that visually struck my fancy. Also, I wasn't wearing my glasses, which did kind of help my goal. I'd glance at the television eight feet away, which I could hold focus on. Then I'd glance down at my drawing paper eighteen inches away, which was slightly out of focus (I am far-sighted). This kind of made me concentrate more on overall shapes and not so much on details. Of course it also gave me a splitting headache :-) . What do you think? Are these kind of exercises of any benefit to you also? Comments and critiques are always encouraged and welcomed, thank you. Be excellent to each other. Cheers!
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Hi there, thanks for sharing! These are great! Yes, I find it helpful to pause movies and sketch out a scene. If I were to pause it I would get more of a sense of the background and develop thoughts on how it was framed and staged. Recently I have done sketches of a movie/tv show but did not pause it forcing me to draw from observation and memory.
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Leon ter Molen
Cool exercise and lovely drawings! I wish I could take my glasses off and draw as good as you, but i wouldn't be able to see the screen and paper any more ;P More focus on the overall shapes is an exercise I could use as well. Squinting with my eyes usually does the trick for me.
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