Please can anyone critique
Anubhav Saini
*is it matching the reference  *What can I do to improve the likeness
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loes roos
Hi. When practising line drawings from people and photos and likeliness is the aim, it is worth while, even as just a warming up, to use a transparent paper and trace the photo. It will give your hand time to get used to the lines. From that drawing you can make a bigger drawing. It is not far off, but you know the people and should be able to tell if you caught it or not. Usually it helps to darken the pupils, even in a line drawing. A good other option is to take this photo of your drawing and make it transparent and put it on top of the original to see where it is off. It is very important for you and anyone as an artist to learn to see where the drawing is off. You can flip both upside down and compare lines and shapes, more than just the face. With likeliness and so, comparing to the original photo is important. Use rulers to measure a direction. I feel that the eye you can barely see, sits too high in your drawing. In the photo the brows are not horizontal but the face is slightly tilted. That also makes the total right line of the face slightly diagonal with the chin a bit more to the right… Your bottom lip protrudes more… small things that you could correct when going over and keep on looking at the original. Technically, none of these alone would take away likeliness. The line under the eye is way too strong as is the line from the nose to the mustache. They are in the light in the photo and should be soft lines to hint at a shade. The headcover is more pointy in your drawing and larger….I usually try to do the game of finding yourself the 7 or 10 differences and then decide if they are essential to change.
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Anubhav Saini
thank you very much for your feedback
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