Please can anyone critique
Anubhav Saini
*is the structure correct *How to design eyelashes
Screenshot 2022 01 14 02 24 24 94 40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12
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Your structure is not quite there - the eyelids are thin, and the brow structure is too low. It’s a very pretty drawing, but make sure that you’re focusing on tidiness and volume over rendering. I like to think of brows as a big curved polygon, almost like lips, just like you’ve done here. Keep it very neat and make sure it is a coherent shape in perspective. You’re also on the right tack with “clumping” groups of lashes, but vary the lengths, make them longer towards the outer corner of the eye, and use some line weight to make them thicker at the base. When practicing, using a very rudimentary rendering style can be helpful to understand the form, while still being fast enough that you get a lot of repetition. Drawing 6 fairly clean 10 minute eyes in an hour is a lot more valuable in terms of learning structure than 1 hour long prettily rendered eye.
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Christopher Beaven
Great reply Steven! I totally agree. It's all about seeing the form and depth. The eyelid always curves around the form of the eye, which isn't an exact sphere the cornea bulges out a bit, but that is super subtle. Also the eyelid has a thickness to it and creates depth between it's surface and the surface of the eyeball. With this image you can see a clear shelf created by the upper and lower eyelid. Whenever I'm faced with some confusing forms I like to trace right over the image to get a better understanding of the form. The same thing is done in the Watts Atelier course. One of the best ways to quickly see the dimensional form of a body. I did that with this image but I used a mouse in Photoshop. Steven has better skills with digital stuff that I do :) Hope that helps!
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Anubhav Saini
Thank you very much for your valuable feedback it is really helpful