OurPaint: A weird side project of mine...
Yiming Wu
Yes, just so it happens... Just would like to tell you guys I'm making this home-brew painting software. This is mainly to get around the somewhat-slow performance of MyPaint, and also to avoid too much cluttering in programs like Photoshop and Krita etc. I'm posting it here also on proko and hopefully there can be people interested in such kind of thing and may give some input too. This program works fully on GPU so it's observably faster in processing brush dabs, and I made it to support infinite canvas just like what MyPaint does. It doesn't yet have advanced color mixing like MixBox or other spectrum-based pigment mixing, but that should come later. I plan to share this project/program on the internet too when it's more polished and useable, then this can be a super lightweight alternative to most other heavier art programs.
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Jan D.
Sounds interesting! So sick of always having some weird problems with the bloated photoshop. my canvas keeps flickering!:D
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Yiming Wu
LOL yeah well I don't know how far this would go but we'll see
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