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Dennis Yeary
Looking for a critique on this
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Hey, @Dennis Yeary! Hope the delay won’t make this feedback less helpful to you. This is a nice starting point for a cartoon character. Here are two suggestions: 1) Once you get to this stage where you have an initial sketch containing a concrete idea, try moving on to more sketching passes where you can push and exaggerate simple shapes and proportions. Try to approach these further stages in a fun and exploratory way, and let yourself play around. 2) Exaggerate the gesture and expression! If you wanna keep it cartoony, remember that the limits are super stretchable, so let it run wild to experiment first, and wait until later to judge and evaluate what actually works. I’m attaching a diagram with some visual notes. (Of course, you don't need to take my drawing as "the correct solution", and you don't need to necessarily draw in a style that's similar to mine - this is just an example based on the way I like to draw, but your results may be different and it's totally fine. Instead, just focus on the logic of the process, and let your drawings come out in any way that feels natural to you). Hope this helps!
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Dennis Yeary
Ok thank you I appreciate any advice . Since I been teaching myself to draw for last couple of years. For some reason I find it tricky to push the form. but is this better?
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