Nose texturing
Andrew Joseph Keith
question! What is the worst smell in your opinion? I did a demo on texturing in my most recent Patreon video where I took this nose from the rough stage to a more finished stage. Here you can see where the nose started and 50 mins later. People often ask me about texturing and the way I achieve my finished look so that’s what this demo was about. On patreon I do more casual projects where I film the process without cuts and just talk through my approach as I’m working. We do 2 projects each month and the demos usually last around 1 hour. Obviously I recommend first getting the Proko figure sculpting fundamentals course! After you’ve got that if you want even more demos in a less structured environment you might like sculpting along with us on Patreon too. (Access to video demos at $10/month)
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Andrew Joseph Keith
For me the worst smell I can think if right now is the bottom of a garage can that hasn’t been cleaned in months that’s seen foods like fish or meat... yeah that’s pretty bad.
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Dead guy, hands down.
Worked in a landfill, dug up garbage that was buried for 15+ years... by far the worst smell ever...
Anton Oplachko
Yeah, also rotten flash smells incredibly disgusting