Male Figure Sculpture Competition
Andrew Joseph Keith
Here's some close ups of a male figure sculpture sculpted from life during a recent Figure Sculptors United competition. There may be some opportunities to come sculpt in person in some sculpture workshops so if you're interested in that let me know! and of course if you haven't gotten the figure sculpting fundamentals course yet now is a great time! new lessons will be coming out soon after the holidays!
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Charles Tryon
I've done a lot of sculpting of the female figure, but have never spent the time to get good at the male figure. I think one problem is that the male figure really requires you to know the underlying anatomy and muscle structure, while with a female, you can often get away with smoothing or blurring a lot of the musculature. Yeah, I know... it's cheating (not to mention lazy), but it's real. :-P Sounds like I need to up my game, and get me some decent reference photo sets.
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