Looking for critique - pelvis studies
Natali Santini
HI! I am looking for critique on these pelvis studies. Two of them are from imagination. These are the bucket exercises from Proko's anatomy course. Thank you for all of your feedback!
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Crystal Blue  (she/her)
The perspective on these is solid! the top part of the first pelvis in picture #2 looks a little tall and the bottom pelvis in picture #3 is rotated more towards the viewer than the reference is (it looks fine though). The top part on the pelvis in picture #5 also looks tall. Also I feel like the angle that those top bones go up at and the angle between the bones right below the public bone could be wider. all your pelvis features are nice and cohesive. I can’t imagine how much ur brain hurt after drawing these lol, nice work. please let me know if u have questions :)
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Natali Santini
Thank you for your critique!