Looking For A Critique
Elias Lemus
Hi, this is a recent piece I finished and was looking for some feedback. Anything that comes to mind. This piece is for my portfolio. I'd like to get work with book covers and board games, so please take that into consideration too. Thank you all!
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Steve Lenze
Okay Elias, I'm going to start with what's good: The background is awesome, it really provides some nice mood. It also really retreats back away from the subject. The soft edge of the mountains is a nice touch. The pose feels really natural and confident. The wolf looks cool and is sitting in space very convincingly. Okay, now I'm going to hammer you :) The skin is getting lost in the sky. All of your lines are converging on her crotch, causing me to look there instead of her face. The wolfs nose is tangent with her leg. The colors around her face (focal point) should be more saturated to draw attention there. Over all, nice work. Just make sure you are paying attention to composition and where to lead the eye. Keep it up :)
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Darrell Juan
Omg I just loved your drawing.
Elias Lemus
Wow! Your feedback is so generous and so appreciated! Thank you so so much! I needed this. Thank you!
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