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Dennis Yeary
Here’s a couple of drawings I did wondering what I could do to improve on them
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Hey, @Dennis Yeary! These are nice drawings! I’m assuming you don’t have any specific demands or requests over things you’d like to improve and just want some general pointers. I’m also assuming that you did these drawings from observation and, since you posted them in the “Comics & Cartoons” forum, that you were seeking some kind of stylization/simplification when doing them. Is that right? If that’s really the case, one thing I’d suggest would be to try and simplify/stylize even more in a deliberate way. Now, there’s no right or wrong way to do this, and there’s a million possible results you could achieve in order to fulfill that kind of goal. A lot will depend on your personal preferences. But here are some overall approaches by which you could start pushing your drawings in this direction of becoming even more simplified/stylized: — Play around with the shapes. For example, a head shape: squish it, stretch it, warp it, “geometrize” it. Intentionally distorting shapes is a way to purposely stylize a drawing. — Play around with the proportions. For example, compare the size of the facial features against the size of the overall head, then experiment making the features super small in comparison, or super large, or move them more downward on the face, or upward, or outward, or inward. Also, try to notice the size variety across different facial features: if the eyes are very large, it can be nice to make the nose very small and the mouth a medium size, or vice-versa, in such a way to create size variations that might feel visually interesting. — Consciously decide what you will include in the drawing, and how. For example: is it really necessary to include fur texture in a cat drawing? You could decide it's not that relevant and simplify your cat drawing without it; or maybe, yeah, you could decide it's nice to indicate some fur. Does the fur need to be all over the drawing or could it be shown just on the outer contours? Or just on the stripe patterns? Or just a few random furry spots here and there? Simplifying involves some creative thinking and a deliberate will to be selective about what we will add into the drawing. I’m attaching some visual examples to add up to these comments. Hope this helps! (…And if I misunderstood this and you don’t want your drawings to become more simplified/stylized whatsoever, just let me know what is it that you are you seeking to improve.) :)
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Dennis Yeary
Thank you and yes i put it in cartoon section cause my goal is to become an illustrator with a focus on comic book. Right now i feel to do that i need a wide variety of drawings from normal cats to dragons.
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