I would appreciate some critique on a new piece
Elias Lemus
Just recently finished. I'd appreciate some feedback 🙂 I'm trying to be more narrative with my work. I'd like to be an illustrator for books and board games! Thanks in advance
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Steve Lenze
Hey Elias, The one thing I noticed is that the two boys are not intergraded into the scene because you are having the light abruptly stop, and they are not being effected by it. The same goes for the trees and bushes in the foreground. By adding some rim light, it would help make everything look like it's in the same scene and will separate the boys from the background a little better. I did a very crude sketch to show you what I mean, I hope this helps :)
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Elias Lemus
Steve! I was honestly waiting for you! Lol you always come through with a great critique! Thank you so much! Yea, you're definitely right about the light.. I'll fix that and improve on my next piece! Thanks!
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