I'd really like some critque on my anatomy pls.
I tried drawing a simplified skeleton mannequin and putting the muscles on top, i had some trouble with the arms though, are they too short?
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Martha Muniz
Hi @desmond68 :) This is a good exercise to get familiar with applying the anatomy on a real pose, and I think you captured a lot of the anatomy groups nicely with rendering as well. I would still recommend trying to start with the gesture, as this helps catch proportion deviations compared to the reference, giving you a chance to assess your drawing early on. When it comes to the arm, it may appear shorter than in the original due to the comparison to the legs, which did become longer. I added a quick drawover to show this visually. Also, don't forget to add the squash and stretch as muscles are pulled and squished together. You'll see this on the thighs against the calves, and also on the external oblique as the torso bends sideways. When working from skeleton to added muscle on top, there can be a tendency to draw the muscles with less mass and closer to the skeleton structure, so it's just something to keep an eye out for. Hope this helps!
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Oh, so that's why the legs looked off to me, thank you!
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