Hey, let's start a newcomer's art chain!✨
Jedidiah Buagbe
Heya, my name's Zenith, nice to meet ya! I love the way this site looks already and I'm excited for what the future holds for it. Let's drop some of our art down in the replies and a little message introducing yourself if you want. Here are some of mine:
Quirell pfp
Tree relaxation time
Tree Study
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Here is one of the major drawings I made last year. I'm a newcomer and this is my first official post on this platform, but I don't know where I should improve from here. So some critique would be helpful for more artworks moving forward :) This was a school Halloween project based on the theme: "Headless Horseman"
20211103 063610
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Hi everyone, my name is Orshee and I am a Transylvanian (Europe) based children's illustrator. My degree has nothing to do with drawing. It started as a passion in my childhood, and today I make my living out of it. I got pretty confused about who I am and where I stand as an illustrator, and also, I have a huge thirst for improving my skills, so here I am. I am looking forward to improving my skills and getting to know you all!
annoyed friend
musk s
place for all
Scary stories
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Josiah Bloemberg
Hello! My name is Josiah. I'm a marketing & design professional, but I've always had the secret desire to be an illustrator. For me, art has always been one of the ways to bring my imagination to life - to take something from my head and communicate it outside. Most recently I have been trying to improve my understanding of anatomy, starting with the head and face.
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121489668 972429439835585 6509261585871524550 n
181974907 1100890776989450 5023744185205835189 n
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I think I might have a twin illustration for your little elf :D
Asked for help
Hi everyone! My name is Katti. I am a tattoo artist by day. I love helping people feel more comfortable being themselves. I included some of my recent tattoo work and my favorite sketches from my sketch book. Drawing has always been my favorite coping mechanism. I’ve followed Proko for a while, I’m so excited to learn from everyone here!
AB057496 A968 4E3E 8366 2A4477AD334E
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6D500218 4155 4A1F 8889 6174FBC7E309
D23B2071 0B74 4331 BF85 44C60B8A0B96
8CBEAEBD 1553 4CC4 8C79 E6CCB29CF95D
A629C6DF 02B9 4A03 97A2 20074022CB7C
F35E4138 2FA4 4153 BDEF C0170A6A978B
81B7A6F2 63AC 473A A95C 1E22B10B3766
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Hey Everyone! I am something but most people associate me as human and call me Garrett! Creativity is the way! Inspiration, aspirations, inventions and imagination! The keys to unlocking the the unlimited perspectives of our minds. Leading and designing a materialist world with the dreams of how the future will be! PS: I want all feedback on ways and techniques to practice to be better and to learn from everyone. Everyone has something to learn from.
20211006 162438
cave waterfall copy
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Thomas Myrberg
Hey Garrett, I really dig your ink drawing there. Just let me know what stuff you want feedback on and I'll try my best to help you level up your skills in any way I can.
Lee Bates
Hello. My name is Lee. I am an illustrator from south west uk. I recently gained a degree in Drawing from Falmouth University. I love urban sketching, drawing dinosaurs, human and animal anatomy and drawing from imagination. I use drawing as a tool to learn about the world around me, which in turn helps me visualise strange ideas I have. Here is a little bit of my work. It's fairly varied as I find it very difficult (and limiting) to stick to one thing. Looking forward to becoming a part of this community.
2020 12 15 44843
ammonite rider
final leslie
fish 1
fish 2
raptor eggs
IMG 20210428 170716 431
IMG 20210430 173101 103
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Thomas Myrberg
Cool drawings Lee. I really enjoy your drawings on the brown paper. It's such a nice way to think more actively on light. Keep up the good work.
Hi! I do mainly graphite portrait!! Glad to be here with you guys. Also I do streams on twitch. Comissions open. I'm from Costa Rica btw.
señor 2
IMG 20210626 175851 01
IMG 20210805 130458 01
IMG 20210910 101737 01
IMG 20210916 075411 01
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Hi, I'm Yoon! I'm a tattoo apprentice. In the drawing department I'm mostly self-taught, with loads of help from channels like prokotv and sinix on Youtube. I joined to participate in Proktober 2021, and also to see what other gems the community's hiding outside of Youtube! ;) Here's some of my more recent stuff, there's more on my IG @yoonlw Thanks for having meeee
210812 A1 1f (2)
210822 A1 3b
210831 A1 6d
210907 A2 1e
210910 A2 2d (1)
210925 A2 4g
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Hugo Champier
Thomas Myrberg
Cool stuff.
Thomas Myrberg
Hey everyone. My name is Thomas and I'm really looking forward to be part of an art community. I live in Sweden and teach art at the local secondary school. Right now I'm trying to learn more about watercolor, but I also enjoy making panels with some cool pop culture and video game characters interacting.
Låna mitt Svärd
Ge Mig Örterna
Din Barnvakt
Blasphemous   Our Lady of the Charred Visage
Samus Dread Low
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awesome work Thomas!
Ghada Dudts Mzid
Hey y'all. My name is Ghada. I'm so happy to be in this community. I already had the pleasure of knowing many of you amazing people 🥰🤗 I'm currently working on my comics drawing skills. Here are some of my drawing studies.
2021 08 01zoomed
2021 08 25
2021 09 04
2021 09 10 femix new colors
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Everyone here is so talented! Hi 👋 My name is Emily. I like to draw and paint with watercolour. I like to tru and draw a mix of cartoon and more realistic stuff. My stuff still needs a lot of work. I've been struggling a lot with motivation so I'm hoping to be able to get stuck into the community and find my mojo again! Here's some of my better stuff 😅
20210904 204146
Screenshot 20210925 172554 Gmail
20210925 192507
20210925 191942
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Hi ✌😁 there Emily . so real quick this reply that i am about to send to you is a copy of a reply that i sent to some one else that had just joined Proko i saw you're post and i thought that this would help everything that i stated in this post applies to any new comer artist so with that out of the way . my name. is JDN short for Jadon. so i just went through all of you're work to get a better understanding of you're art as a hole and to see where i can offer any of my knowledge . see ive seen you're art but i have to get a even better understanding of it myself that is or at least that's the way i see it anyway. with that said. i can see a lot of good progress as it is . that you have made compared to just making marks. from the point to where any artist will always begin at now as i said before i do want to re look over all of the art that you have posted so that i can get a better understanding of what you have best as it stands . and what needs a larger amount of work before you get better . you know what im saying ? 😄 ok . so my stock advice is from what i gathered is 1st to observe. which means look around you think watch the best of the best and realize that they were where you are right now in some way shape or form and use that to your advantage . and some times try to get a understanding of they way they see what it is that they see . and try to practice a bit of it here and there to see how far you can get. . 2st to practice which means repetition over and over again. and i feel that even though it looks horrible most of the time. 😄 i cant believe im saying this but its totally worth saving every bit of it even if you think that it looks like trash and nothing else its worth it because later when you get burn out from all this work. its when and only when you look at you're own art work that you see how far you have really come trust me if you take anything away from this at all SAVE ALL OF YOU'RE ART please and thank you . you will not believe it when you it latter on 👌😉 3d never let anything make you think that you're art is just bad its not even when you know that you could have done better. but you didn't even though it seems like you failed . let me reassure you that just because you slip up once in awhile . it dose not mean you are done. its just apart of learning . you must fall first in order to be able to get back up again right ? . the only way you get better at any skill such as art is to make mistakes . art is a skill not a talent remember that. 4th you are who you are so dont think that you have to change who you are at the core just to get better. its not hard to think that you are the problem when you are told that you're art is ok or that it could be better. you make the art that you make not because its a part of you but you make the art that you make as a representation of you're personal perspective . and you're self maybe a thought that you had. a image a story a emotion a dream anything. the thing is that its how you see it. that's what makes everybody's art unique in its own way at the end of the day.. which adds value to you're art work as a hole no matter what . and 5th . being me telling you . that i am not the best artist ever and i might never be i am not the smartest person ever . but with all of that said . i dont need to be . to know these things and neither do you. nor anybody else. and being an artist means never ending learning and expanding upon what you already know. all artists are always learning new things rather if its things like learning a new short cut new ways of creating there art or just new ideas in general even the best of the best we are all stuck for ever in this loop of learning with everything witch i think is kind of funny 😂 we are all students. so just remember that its ok if you dont learn as fast as others we all have our own flow in witch we do our thing . and that's my advice to you or to anybody that is curious. i hope that this helps please let me know when you get the chance if you did or what you're thoughts are i love to see what others have to say always . i hope that this helps and . god bless and take care ✌😉
Ragnhild Wisth
Hi. I'm hoping this is where I say hi to everyone. :o I'm rather hopeless with figuring how to and where on sites like this so... anyways. I draw mainly, and with that I mean all the time, digitally. Right now I'm trying to improve on my portrait drawing skills. From techniques to the all inclusive anatomy, coloring, shading etc. Guess that means I'm pretty much an omnivore when it comes to learning. :D But enough about that. Here a few of my latest drawings.
Cant decide
catelyn color
dr strange
hair dude2
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Ghada Dudts Mzid
wow amazing art 🤩
hey i just wanted to say you're art is alive love it 😉✌
Oh my gosh your work is so good. Your lighting/shading is great
Jeremias Fritsch
Hi everybody! I was eagerly waiting for this Website. Unfortunately it took me a long time to be motivated :/ Recently I started reading the Saga of Elric of Melnibone and reading it has inspired me a lot. Here are a few of my latest Paintings.
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Jeremias Fritsch
@Emily It is definitley a sord and sorcery classic! If you know and like the Gerald of Rivia books you will love it. Sapkofski was heavily "inspired" by them!
The sixth one is really interesting, is the saga any good? I'm always looking for new reading ideas
Hank Macleod
Hey everybody! I’m Hank, I’m from Massachusetts, and I started drawing about three years ago. Until recently, I had a casual daily practice of creating art, but for the past month I’ve been trying to buckle down and get good. I’m looking forward to getting to know some of you rad art folks!
5B4158F0 C5BF 4BDD 8702 1F8AE84E2348
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5E349982 62D5 4F0A 8F0D ADEDF98E7234
4DEE5D84 0FF7 4F3A 82EB 65D4DCCBB807
EEDABA12 4739 44AF BC47 1B36CC95053A
92216FB0 7059 408E BAF7 B3588B1FA201
2D1FA336 2EFC 4DBB BEA1 F3161A1E279C
32418925 B1BB 4965 BC05 9ACFA6E1BA49
792FF546 7171 4E18 BAD8 86A669F86F49
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Your chickens are so cool! It makes me think of 'Space Chickens In Space'
Jeremias Fritsch
The two colored portraits are beautiful! The shape of your brushstrokes is really cool! Did you start with Traditional? I really want to learn it :D
Lucas Carvalho
Hey! My name is Lucas Carvalho. I'm a casual artist looking to learn about drawing, inking and maybe starting on painting. I'm still figuring out this site/platform. Anyway, here's a quick inking I just did.
20210915 002045~2
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I could sit for hours and still not knock out something that good
Pem Zenas
Hi everyone, my name's Pem and I'm based in England. I'm into what seems to be everything... but currently focussing on storytelling, illustration and a little painting on the side. Looking forward to getting stuck into the community and hopefully improve my skills whilst making some new art friends along the way :) Here are a few recent pieces from the last 2 to 3 years:
miles morales
The Matrix   MORPHEUS copy
lewis hamilton complete small
RED horse rider design 3 copy
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Abner Martinez
Hey everyone! My name's Abner, and I love to design around creatures and environments. As of recent, I've been spending 2021 working with digital art and focusing a lot on human anatomy and facial expressions to give more life into my drawings. (The last one was a piece from 2019.) It's nice to meet everyone. :)
denial f2
planetary ravine
transport f1
orbital fracture by abnersquared dd33o8j fullview
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Hi, I'm Eleftheria-Arts and I'm pretty new to drawing. Would love to hear some of your thoughts regarding my art and I'm very excited to be here with all you guys.
jennifer morrison by eleftheria arts demph01 fullview
foot study by eleftheria arts de9qx2a fullview
spear thrower   pose study by eleftheria arts dej8gp3 fullview
khutulun  claudia kim  by eleftheria arts deg57mi fullview
horizons ver 2 by eleftheria arts ddwko3i fullview
dune book cover by eleftheria arts de7pn1r fullview
dream by eleftheria arts ddz3irc fullview
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Mathias Ragnarsson
Hey everyone! I’m Mathias from Sweden, and I like to make stuff. I came here with hope to find and be part of a community that thrives on honest feedback, development and shared interests. So I’m gonna try and do my part in making this a nice place to hang around in!
5E04308E B7A5 467C B706 E10B421E0892
695FC039 BEBE 43F9 800C 7409C2975F07
00957E46 F98E 4352 B7F9 1968E8B9CEEE
8A673BBF 282D 46D8 90EE 811E32D716BF
984FCD1F E097 4263 BFDC 58CA3ADE6EA1
367615F4 C23C 4ECE B2D0 CC4D377FD2A6
4F1D3CBA C53A 4CA8 AFF9 978B64D201C1
DA87709B FE4B 48EB A6E5 B47BB8B809C6
7549AD51 F760 4928 80AD AFDC916720DD
BEE2D88E 1C77 4AEF 8611 84BAECD8289C
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Hi I'm fatnekk, I'm 16 and got my first drawing tablet in December last year. Since then I've been taking art more seriously, heres some recent drawing I've done. Starting to understand painting more, but I'm a definite beginner lol
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