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Nicole Lee
Hello, I did a head sketch to practice structure and value. I chose a photo that doesn't have a strong light and shadow to see if I could distinguish the subtle value differences. In the third photo area marked in red is where I think the darker area should be. It would be greatly appreciated to get critiques and feedback on whether I did the value correctly and anything else I can improve. Thank you in advance!
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Reference Photo
Reference Photo dark area
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Kristian Nee
Hey Nicole, this is a really nice drawing, and a great exercise. In terms of value I think you did a pretty darn good job. The dark spot near the ear is the only part I'd say to re-design. Comparing your drawing to the ref, it feels like you're indicating facial hair but it doesn't quite feel successful yet. What I'd say is that your proportions and structure are a bit off. For example, the nose in your drawing is a bit too short. The eyes are off, the one on the right feels a bit too high. The mouth sphere is flat and too low as well. If you'd like I can do a tracing of your drawing, let me know! Good luck, and hope this helps
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Nicole Lee
Thank you @Kristian Nee , I have been using tracing paper to cross check the proportion but am planning to switch to using photoshop instead, as the reference image doesn't always show up very clear under tracing paper. I did not draw out the facial hair as I didn't know how. I couldn't find any quick sketch that draws out facial hair when it's that short. If you have seen any quick sketch that draws out short facial hair like this image could you please kindly let me know? Thank you very much!