Graphic Novel: Seeking Help
Dakota Bragdon
Hello! I am currently working on a graphic novel in my spare time and am seeking help. I have some outlining done but am in the script phase still. Would love some help as I haven't written a comic script before (I'm a graphic designer and screenwriter). I'm going to look at David Finch's course to help with this. I generally like going over things through discussion instead of laying it out in a massive information dump but I am going to need an Artist or Artists to work with too. For now, still in the writing. I guess for now I am looking for someone for design and someone I can bounce ideas with. Hope all is well! Keep creating!
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I've helped out a few people with their books before, I'm game for an occasional chat if you like. FWIW- massive information dumps are usually not the best way to get the ball rolling. Have you solidified your pitch yet?
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