Gouache first steps
Carlos Diaz
Hi all!! First point to remark, I'm into drawing, I've drawn quiet a lot (with very little success still, hahahaha) but I've never painted before. So, I started to become attracted more and more to paiting and decided to try out some gouache paints (really liked the almost oil paint looks you can get with them). These are the first few complete pieces I've done. All critique is welcome.
IMG 20210323 164421
IMG 20210323 164836
IMG 20210323 164848
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Jan D.
Looking great Carlos!:) Maybe the far side of the skull seems a little warped or the shadow on the lemons is a little too bright, but just guessing really, haven't seen your reference. You're doing great though tbh!:)
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Carlos Diaz
Thanks Jan!! Your feedback is on point too! I did notice the lemons issues after finishing it but didn't try to fix it since it is a good reminder and also (hopefully) will serve as a reference of the progression I can make. :)