Gesture study from live model
Andrew Keith
Here’s a 3hr gesture study I did from a live modeling session with some other sculptors. Working from photos is sometimes the only option but whenever possible it’s great to work from life. Have you ever done a live modeling session for sculptors?
77350B3C CC05 4B25 99C0 7BE411259E32
2D753915 CAAE 47F8 BDE7 74ED340C7A8D
DBBC3F5E BABD 49E4 8560 F6764934F5DB
00A0C261 69FC 45AF 90F1 EE8CF4E1AF5B
5B8F606F E147 40B8 B849 CA725F50BB1E
790D29B5 39C7 4679 A3E7 07832CEB977F
70489E43 BAC4 4D4E 8AA7 51F78B4AC242
AACFD0DB E532 460B B53C A6F14C202A09
4BA3EA0F 8015 451C AE40 2ACCA0B30898
AF13C0A7 A69C 47B4 AFEB 54365363ACA7
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