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First attempt. Feedback requested
Philip Ozkan
Hello This is my first attempt at sculpting the head. It would be great to have feedback on proportions. I used air dry clay. I think I’ll use oil based clay next time, as I got dust everywhere.
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Hi Philip, congrats on your first attempt, getting stuck in, with hands on clay time is the way to progress and have fun too -I love sculpting :) The head has a reputation for being the hardest thing to tackle, but it's a worthwhile pursuit. To my eye this head looks a bit narrow, it could use a bit more bulk at the back/sides of the cranium, this will help bring those ears out, which should be visible looking a front view. How are you getting on, have you made another? If you have enough clay I would suggest starting a new head sculpt, then you can compare the 2nd side by side to the first and see how much you've improved. I'm rusty with water based clay but a little tip would be not to fight the clay, it has a pace, soft and quick for the initial build up then as it dries a bit the finer detailing can come in. If it's the air dry style packets (such as DAS brand) they have a shorter working time and in my opinion feel quite different to say a bag of pottery (modelling clay), I also think they're more prone to cracking. Keep going and try all the clay types over time.... they all have the own quirks, you'll find one you like.
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Philip Ozkan
Hi TeaMonster. Thank you so much for the feedback. I agree the head does look narrow. I drawings of heads often look too narrow as well. I have made another yet. I bought some Chavant plasteline, which arrived today. I will have a go of that over the weekend. Thanks again.