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Dudts Draws
Hello friends, Could anyone please let me know how this sketch reads? what do u think is the story? Would love to have character design related advice and critiques. Also any critiques on fundamentals are most welcome ! This is the first time that I draw mostly from imagination. thanks y'all ! love to see your works. Thank you all for drawing !
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Josh Sunga
Hey @Ghada Dudts Mzid, nice work! I think your image reads quite well- but I did a paintover to see how we could improve it :) Other than a few anatomical issues- I mainly focused on the composition to generate a mood. To me, the story seems like she is trying to conceal her wings so I wanted the forest to convey a certain "hiddenness" with the lighting. Putting the character in shadow reinforces that feeling and also silhouettes her so that we can see her more clearly. I have other notes for the scene in the image attached regarding scale, variation, shapes and movement. Hope it helps- and thanks for sharing!
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Dudts Draws
Of course it helps !! thank you so much for taking the time to help me out as much !! Very appreciated ! and I learned a lot 💖 Also loved your work 💖 thank you and happy new year ✨
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