Female figure sculpture
Andrew Joseph Keith
If you’ve been doing the #cheapsculpturechallenge that is the first assignment for the new Proko sculpture course you might recognize this pose from the references provided for that. Remember that submissions for that assignment must be posted by June 30 which is coming right up so if you’d like a chance to win some of the prizes and be featured in a critique video be sure to get those submissions in!
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Charles Tryon
How tall is this sculpt? My entry for the challenge was only around 7", so I was having trouble getting some of the details. Larger always seems to be easier. Also, the clay I got was pretty soft, so harder to control.
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Andrew Joseph Keith
This sculpture is 18 inches tall and yes a larger sculpture is usually easier though it takes much more time to finish. For the first challenge you’re welcome to do a larger sculpture as well and you can even build out the inside with aluminum foil. Putting the project in the fridge can also help if it’s too soft.