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Hi, this is my first post on proko, i'd like any suggestions on my panting of a woman. My goal is to master the velatura technique (through layering and glazing) to achieve a good realistic painting using acrylic colors. I've struggled studying the right technique to utilize, finally i choose to make it with magenta, ciano, and yellow as first layers and finally add skin tone. Any comments on my result? And how to improve ?
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Martha Muniz
I agree with Steve--a solid drawing foundation is recommended beforehand. It will help you construct your subject correctly and understand the form and lighting used when painting. If portraits are your objective, I highly recommend going through the portrait course, as it covers all the fundamentals to get you started: I suggest practicing the structure of the head and then trying out rendered pencil/charcoal portraits, which will help in the transition to painting. Now when learning a new painting technique, I recommend starting out monochrome. The popular options are black, burnt umber, or burnt sienna for practice. Working monochrome not only helps you get familiar with a new technique without the overwhelming pressure of color, but also helps you develop your understanding and control of values, just like a rendered pencil/charcoal drawing. I think that is currently the main issue you are facing with your painting currently, where there is little clarity in values and structure, so practicing this will definitely help. I don't think you are too far off though, so with some effort and practice you'll there in no time :)
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Steve Lenze
You need to begin with drawing. If you want to do realistic portraits, it starts with good, solid drawing. Then you can focus on the painting part. One thing I will say, is that if you plan on doing many layers of acrylic paint, I wouldn't so it on paper.
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