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Jan D.
C&C welcome:) Been loving the work of Artem Demura. He worked on Mortal Shell I think. Liked This painting much more during sketching and planning I had a way more pronounced color scheme at the start that just devolved over time. Maybe should have stuck with it. Not too happy with the two figures on the left and managed to split the painting in half againXD with the big boulders:P What do you think?
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Yiming Wu
To me the two things that immediately jumped out is the lack of water reflection of the white female body in the center, and the left figure looking a bit wonky.... Otherwise to my eyes this piece looks overall very solid. I especially love the tone and lighting of that male figure. This image on first glance looks like it has the look of those classic galley-ish paintings. Could be nice to polish a bit more maybe? like the crop could potentially be on a wall or something :D
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The theme is great! Thanks Yiming ^^
Jan D.
Thanks Yiming. You're right about the lady on the left. Something's wrong with her:D
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