Document Layout - which setting do you use?
Arielle Ronin
Dear Community, I recently bought a wacom and I'm using affinity photo as drawing software. I am new to digital drawing so I struggle with a few things, for example the document-type I am going to use for a drawing. When I open a new document, I can choose some presettings for the layout (like HD+, FHD and QFHD). I can create my own settings as well. Which Layout do you usually use to create a comic page? I tried to draw a page with several panels, but when I zoom in one section to define some shapes and to create detail (like around the eyes), the resolution becomes a little bit grainy which makes it difficult for me to create some detail even though I used my HD+ layout (well I zoom in pretty far in the drawing to get tiny details. When I zoom out it looks fine, but it's still anoying while drawing). Do you have any recommendation on how to set the layout of the document? Thanks and greeting :) Moonless_Sky
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Hey, @Moonless_Sky! Setting up your artwork file depends mainly on how it’s meant to be published in its final version. If it’s going to be printed, then you should set your original file with the conventional print resolution (300 PPI) and file size equal or, preferably, larger than the size it will be printed in. For example, if it’s meant to be printed in A4 format, your original file size should be larger than the A4 dimensions (8.3 x 11.7 inches), or at least the same. Making the file larger than what the comics’ final size should be allows you to add enough level of detail while also assuring that your artwork won’t lose quality after it’s printed. As a rule of thumb, some artists often double up the area of their original artwork compared to how it’s supposed to be published - so, in that A4 example I mentioned, the original file would then be an A3 size (11.7 x 16.5 inches). This doubling up principle is just a guideline though, so feel free to do some more research and maybe look for other useful approaches as to how bigger to do the original artwork - the main thing is just that your file’s dimensions don’t get smaller than the intended size of your comic (because, if so, the final version might not retain a good graphic quality). Now, these presets you mentioned (HD+, FHD and QFHD) are some of the standard formats for screen monitors - they’re not suited for print, since images to be viewed on screen usually don’t demand the same resolution configuration as images to be printed. So, if what you wanted to draw was a traditional comic page, using these screen presets might be the reason why you felt you needed more definition when zooming in. On the other hand, if you’re drawing a webcomic, you could use these screen presets as a parameter to design how your artwork should be presented. Just keep in mind that these presets define the size of the full screen, but a webcomic’s art can have a lot of variation regarding size and format. And if you’re already working in a file that’s larger than the intended final size, but still feel you’re not getting enough definition when you zoom in, you can always try enlarging the file’s dimensions even more before you draw. Just keep in mind that, if the file gets way too much larger, small details you add in the original artwork may be lost when the images get shrunken down to the size they will be published in. Hope this helps! Let me know if I can help you with anything else. Happy drawing!
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These screen presets can be used as a design parameter if you're creating a webcomic to determine how your artwork should be displayed. Just keep in mind that while these presets dictate the full-screen size, the art in a webcomic can vary greatly in size and format.
Arielle Ronin
Thank you very much for your advice! This helps a lot!!! :)
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