Dennis Yeary
Some comic book character i drew
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Josh Sunga
Hey @Dennis Yeary! Great to see you continuing to share your work! I drew up some notes about your characters- mainly about correcting proportions and making sure the body starts to fill out its natural 3d form. One standout is that your drawings tend to make the hands too small. I referenced Destiny character concepts because I think their designs are cool and they have some solid base poses to work from. Another note to improve line quality is to practice drawing your lines with a single fluid motion rather than going over them again. Even if the line comes out not as accurate as you'd like, it helps build line confidence as you continue to draw. Then you might start to see how different lines FEEL and see how you can apply different line qualities to different parts of a drawing. But simply practicing line confidence could greatly improve a drawing! Again, thanks for sharing!
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Dennis Yeary
Thank you for your notes. I'll try to take it into consideration. Any other advice you can offer for someone hoping to create original characters for a comic book?
Fernando Alexandre
Very good work, especially the first one, the second one was not so good, try to practice drawing only weapons and swords without a character.
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