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Critique please!
Jo Edgehill
Hello! I was hoping to get some feedback on this drawing I worked on a couple days ago. Next time I'm hoping to do something more dynamic,but this one was more about the rendering. Thank you for any help! :)
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Crystal Blue  (she/her)
For the rendering, you could probably play around with adding in more hard edges, and balancing soft and hard edges. (Sinix has some good videos that go into that if you’re interested). You do that a little bit though with the purple shading on the arm and ear, which I am a big fan of, love the color choice. Looks great. Also might be interesting to experiment with using some different brushes that aren’t as blurry.
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Jo Edgehill
Wow , thanks for your critique! I'll try to get a better balance of hard and soft edges next time. Thanks again! :)