critique on proko's shading figure
I usually draw and shade digitally and this is my first time doing it on actual paper. any critiques would be splendid. sorry about the picture quality.
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Hey, @persona937, I think this is a good drawing! Taking in consideration that you're not familiar with the medium, I'd call it a nicely done job. I just checked the reference photo and, differently than what Antti mentioned, I don't see such relevant proportion issues. I see a few small things such as the size of the hands (which seem a tiny bit too big), the foreshortening of the left foot and the right arm (which maybe needs to be emphasized a tad), and the left shoulder (which seems to be very slightly larger than what it should) - but I think none of that is worth any concern at this point. Since the drawing is finished now, I wouldn't bother changing anything anymore, and, for future record, these kind of proportion slips are little things that you can adjust with relatively low effort at an earlier stage of the drawing, so just remain aware of checking for proportions in your process - and, in the long run, as your eye gain even more training, such proportion mistakes are likely to happen less and less if you keep yourself aware of them in your regular exercising. Two other things stand out to me though as more relevant to focus a critique on for this drawing: . Value range - I think your drawing may be a bit too light overall. We see a few very small dark spots, but the bigger forms almost don't have any mid to dark values. Since this is a shading exercise, designing how the values will fit in the composition is a very important part. Quick exercise tip: put your drawing right next to the reference, then squint your eyes and try comparing how dark and how light the values look in one and in the other. One practical suggestion I'd give is to spread out some more darker values throughout the drawing: the guy's hair, the staff. Bigger shadow areas, such as the right side of the torso and the pinch below the right scapula, could also get darker - having darker shadows would give you more room to work a greater variety of halftones in areas of light. Getting a wider value range overall would also help you do a more refined modeling of the forms, which will then give the drawing a greater sense of 3-dimensionality. Also, you might want to dare using less contour lines so that your drawing holds itself together just on shading and value contrasts. . Anatomy - It seems to me you did a nice job drawing from observation; however, applying a deeper anatomy knowledge into a drawing like this would not only make the result more consistent, but also make you more confident and deliberate about how you draw it. So my suggestion would be to maybe consider going through Proko's Anatomy of the Human Body course as a possible next step (in case you're done with the Figure Course by now - if not, make sure to go through Figure first, as it should help a lot with Anatomy later on). Take it easy though - this suggestion is something for the long run! For this drawing in itself (especially because it's still part of the Figure course, not the Anatomy course), I'd just leave it the way it is and simply be aware that anatomy is an area where you can put in some study effort in a near future. Keep in mind that Proko's Anatomy course is super long and dense, so it might take several months to complete (or, depending on how much time you can dedicate to study, even some years - which was my case a while ago...), but take your time - if you're really interested in strengthening figure drawing skills, it will be totally worth the while. Regarding shading study resources: besides @Antti Kallinen's awesome suggestion about @Steven Zapata's Secrets of Shading course, I thought you might also like to take a look at @Dorian Iten's The Shading Course – Fundamentals of Realism, Light & Shadow. That's it! Hope it's not too much, and hope it helps. Please let me know if you have any questions or believe I can help with anything else. Best of luck! And keep it up!
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Antti Kallinen
Hello! it has an ok look but i have to say, it has some flawed proportions and construction. So i wouldnt shade it at all. The shading youve done looks ok but i would watch secrets of shading by Steven Zapata before doing more rendering. Overall, if i were you i would do this drawing again with more attention on the proportions of the body. Its not terribly wrong so not a big deal!
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i think its because I took the picture of my drawing at a weird angle is the reason why you see the flawed proportions. that's my bad. i think the shading I did was the best i could do at the moment but ill always try to get better at it. thanks for your input.
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