Martin Dubček
Hey everyone, here are some of my small landpainting exercizes, insired by my teachers @Tiffanie Mang and Stans great 80/20 rule video: Any tips for me?, thanks you..
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Martha Muniz
Beautiful scenes :) I do think that it would be good practice to incorporate more neutral grays. I love the bright and bold use of color you are bringing into your work, but balancing it out with more desaturated grays can really make them work off one another and bring even more life into the saturated colors by comparison. Otherwise, a lot of pure, saturated colors together risk overwhelming one another. You can even try out different types of grays by mixing different complementary colors together--experimentation can really bring in a good variety and life into the color. Another tip would be to have a specific area of focus for your paintings. Even though you are working small, limiting the area of focus to one key area--and placing the highest contrast and sharpness there--while limiting the detail outside of that area, can bring in more dimension and pop into your painting. Hope this helps, happy painting!
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Martin Dubček
Thanks for the amazing tips Martha!..happy painting to you to:)
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