Created this face without reference, feedback on things to improve, please!
Alessandro Dalponte
Hi everyone. Today I decided to test some new brushed I created in Krita by painting this face. I made this without looking at references. All feedback is welcome! PS: don't look bellow the head! LMAO
Rascunho Criação de Rosto
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Rebecca Shay
The hair rendering is awesome and I like how confident your lines are. I think his upper face is generally ok except the right eye is too close to the nose. Generally you can draw a straight line down from the inner eye to the outer edge of the nose wing. I don't know if it's because the eyes are too close or the nose is too wide, or a little bit of both. His lower face is much too short. It looks like his entire jaw bone is missing. The chin seems long enough, but the jaw bone from the corner of the jaw to the chin is too thin.
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Alessandro Dalponte
Hey @Rebecca Shay ! Thanks for the feedback. I'll pay more attention to those details in my next drawings =)